How do you act when you see an animal in need?

We all know we are a volunteering group of a small number
of people getting so many messages & calls. We may not
reply to you right away even though we try.

First of all, do not take a video & leave the location. Animals move. It will make it very hard for rescuers to find them.

After you send your message move the animal to a safe place where you can monitor them until we find help. Like a well fenced yard in your house, or well temperatured isolated room or bathroom or at a temporary solution until we get to your message.

If the injury is visible use towel to move the animal.

In case the animal was hit or laying down injured. do not pick the animal up like you do with a healthy animal. Use a flat board to move them not to cause more injury in case of broken bones or inner bleeding.

Please be patient. We try our best to do everything we can. Your cooperation is highly appreciated & needed in this part of the rescue.