About Us

About Us

iCare Kuwait is a volunteer-based non-profit group focusing on educating, rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing mostly dogs and cats of Kuwait. We strive to reduce the number of stray, injured, abandoned, abused, and neglected animals on streets of Kuwait. We have also collaborated with government animal welfare officials to provide care for animals that are in distress, suffering abuse, abandoned or homeless. All of the animals we rescue receive necessary medical care and are vaccinated, microchipped, spayed or neutered. 

When it comes to dog and puppy adoption locally, we closely work with the families so that the dogs are trained and rehabilitated. We maintain contact with the family and provide a support system that is always available should a need arise. In order to find suitable homes for animals that were not adopted locally, we have previously worked with International rescue partners in Los Angeles, Washington DC, Pittsburgh USA as well as Vancouver and Toronto, Canada. We rely solely on volunteers to foster, families to adopt, and supporters to donate funds to care for the animals. The animals are provided with foster or boarding care until they are ready to be adopted by loving families locally or overseas.


iCare Kuwait was founded by Elika Mansouri, A Canadian Mathematics Teacher on October 1, 2019. It has been run by the help of dedicated volunteers, social media followers, and kind sponsors.


A non-profit charity spreading awareness on being the voice for the voiceless through compassionate lifestyle.


iCare is not a shelter. It is run on the basis of foster homes. Foster home means temporary home until the animal is adopted. Normally, food, litter and all the necessary items would be provided to the foster. Duration of fostering varies as short-


Currently, iCare has animals admitted at Royal Animal Hospital for the treatment of critical cases. We also place our rescued dogs at Pawshotel for boarding and training until they are ready for their forever homes.