Success Stories


iCare has rescued, treated, and rehomed over 100s of animals inside and outside of Kuwait in the past year. iCare would normally treat, vaccinate, neuter and spay rescued animals before sending them to their forever homes. During Covid-19 lockdown in Kuwait, iCare provided sponsored food to over 300 animals , suffering due to shortage of food and lack of income of their family.



on January 22, 2020 Pebbles was rescued in Salwa Kuwait with a broken leg and a burnt tail. After having 2 unsuccessful surgeries on her leg and developing a bacterial infection on the incision site, she was taken to Toronto Canada in May 2020 and underwent the third surgery at a well known hospital. Her leg was many times on the verge of being amputated but today she is back in Kuwait, free of infection and walking on a fully functional leg.


on May 19, 2020, Jakcson was rescued from Kuwait Scientific Center. He was suffering from an extreme case of Calicivirus. He was admitted to the hospital but shortly after his admission, Kuwait had a 24hr lockdown and he had to be taken out immediately. Jackson continued and finished his treatment at Ms Elika Mansouri’s home and today he is vaccinated, neutered and ready to fly to his forever home in USA


On July 28, 2020, Calvin was finally rescued from Mishref park after weeks of hard work by volunteers. Calvin was terrified of humans. After having him rescued and placed in a boarding facility, we discovered that he was abused by his previous owner and would cry in agony if he saw a chain. Calvin has transformed into a different dog after weeks of training. He trusts humans and allows people to approach and pet him. He is waiting to undertake his obedience training sessions before going to his forever home.


Bobo was rescued in an unexpected way. We were searching for a cat that was reported to us with a prolapse but we could not find him. Suddenly a man who always fed the stray cats approached us and asked to help with a cat that needs urgent help. He brough us a cat with fishing hook stuck in his rectum!!! Ouch! The hook round part was inside but the fishing rope was hanging outside. We immediately rushed the cat to a vet, they did the surgery on the same day to remove the hook and he came to our foster home. Bobo is now adopted by a loving family in Canada. He has his own social media and ticktok pages and loves to be the center of attention!


Almond was rescued along with his mom and 2 other siblings from Kuwait University poisoning site. They stayed at government shelter due to lack of space and funds. Unfortunately, there was a distemper outbreak in shelter which affected many dogs. However, Almond never showed any symptoms and was always negative in almost daily tests. Suddenly Almond started having muscle spams, twitching and ataxia. Doctors were not sure what is behind his neurological symptoms but told us they cannot do anything for him except weekly Vitamin B12 and Selenium and Vitamin E injections. They warned us that he might get worse and he will have bad quality of life. We did not give up on him. We continued his weekly injections and he started getting more stable. We had many adoption days but he was not adopted in Kuwait. Right before the US ban, we decided to send him to USA and find him a forever home there. He flew to Washington DC with the founder of iCare along with 2 other rescued animals Maple and Diamond. All 3 dogs are now adopted and loving life. Almond is in good hands and we have seen him so happy away from his sad past.


Casper was rescued on September 23, 2020 from Salmiya Kuwait. He was found with stiff paralysed legs dragging himself on harsh street. His tail was cut off and there were bad infected wounds on his genitals. Casper was scared and fairly aggressive if touched. We couldn’t blame him. He stayed overnight with us until morning when we rushed him to Royal Animal Hospital. Doctors told us that Casper was mostly like an abandoned rescue. They thought his tail was surgically amputated but due to his aggressive nature they could not handle him so they abandoned him. His bladder was full of blood and infection. Casper stayed in the hospital for a period of 5 weeks. The staff warned us about his difficult nature and low chance of ever being able to walk. One option was putting him to sleep but of course not our option. We decided to take him home and show him human love. We used towels and protective gloves to express his bladder. He was taken for occasional laser therapy to the same hospital. Suddenly Casper starter to try to get up. His legs were still stiff but he was standing on them occasionally and then falling back down. It was an amazing news for us. We knew he is trying hard and our love was motivating him to try harder. Today Casper can jump for more than a meter. He can bunny kick his favourite toy and run around the house after his favourite buddy Mei. Although he still depends on us for bladder expression but he is absolutely healthy loving life.